Deidré Luzmore

Scrum Mastery Pathway Guide, South of England

Passionate about Coaching and Supporting you on your agile journey


Inspiring change and transformation

About Deidre:
In a journey that began as a Scrum Master and flourished into Agile Coach, I’ve dedicated over two decades to empowering and uplifting those in the agile space. I’m not just an Agile Coach; I’m a companion on the pathway to mastery, fuelled by a passion for nurturing potential and fostering resilience in individuals, teams and leaders.

My Approach:
My work ethos is rooted deeply in empathy and respect. I am an empathy advocate. I believe these aren’t mere words, but powerful tools for growth. My approach is about more than just imparting knowledge; it’s about creating an environment where active listening, powerful questioning, and mutual understanding thrive. This is where real growth of real people happens.

Deidré's Testimonials

  • Deidrè, as our guide and facilitator, is a vast source of knowledge who shares her experience with humility and grace. When you combine compassionate coaching with engaging training, the result is the Scrum Mastery Pathway Course. I was able to put into practice what I learned the very next day after every lesson. This course is absolutely worth the time and money invested in it!

    Della Nel

    Scrum Master


  • "Deidré has such a wonderful facilitation style. I find her sessions light, inclusive and yet very informative. I have thoroughly enjoyed every time I have had the chance to learn from her."

    Francesco Bianchi

    Agile Coach

    Marsh & McLennan

  • "Deidré is an incredible Scrum Master and teacher. If you are a Scrum Master then her new Scrum Mastery Pathway is for you."

    Chantal Lailvaux