What is Product Ownership?

Great Product Owners are DRIVEN to maximise value

A good Product Owner attends a two-day certified class.

A great Product Owner attends the Product Mastery Pathway.

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What is Product Ownership?

Great Product Owners are DRIVEN to maximise value

Product Owners are the visionary driving force behind product development efforts, playing a crucial part in their success. Yet this role is so difficult it is overwhelming for many without proper support.

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  • "The time that you invest in the Pathway is definitely worth it. So many hours of training are wasted by leaving a classroom and not even picking up the book. This brings the every day back to the learning."

    Tracey Stephens

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    Product Mastery

    The Crucial Role of Agile Product Management

    To manage the development of a great product requires time, experience, instinct, self-confidence, humility, independence and collaboration skills, among other things. Doing this role well will require battling our own perfectionist and people-pleasing drivers, becoming comfortable with uncertainty and experimentation and never knowing the “right answer” for certain.

    The Product Owner sets the vision for why the product should exist and what value it adds to the world. They also create a list of actionable deliverables that will incrementally get us closer to that vision while adding value along the way. And they also work with the Developers and other stakeholders to evolve the product based on what we learn along the way…simple.



    Become a great Product Owner

    Product Owners are DRIVEN:

    • Decisive: Willingness to act with incomplete information
    • Ruthless: Maintaining a relentless drive to maximise value
    • Informed: An appetite to learn about your product
    • Versatile: Responding to changing circumstances
    • Empowering: Creating shared ownership amongst all stakeholders
    • Negotiable: Being open to feedback and change
    • The Product Mastery Pathway teaches tools and techniques to develop Product Owners' ability and self-awareness while also helping them navigate through the day-to-day challenges of managing stakeholders, prioritisation, and collaborating with the developers.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • How many people are in a cohort?

        This varies with each cohort but somewhere between 3 and 15 people will be in each cohort.

      • Do all the Guides offer the same material?

        The Explorer and Adventurer modules from all Guides are all based on the same curriculum. The content of the Navigator sessions will be different based on what that particular cohort wants to focus on.

      • Do I need to attend all of the modules?

        There will be some degree of flexibility because as we know it is impossible to predict your availability six months into the future. You will need to attend all of the days of the Explorer module to gain that accreditation and the same applies for the Adventurer module. You will need to attend at least 12 hours of Navigator modules and these can potentially be from other cohorts than your own. For an optimum experience you will attend as many sessions as possible with your specific cohort. Contact your Guide for specific details of their approach.

      • Do students receive validated credentials?

        Yes. Students will receive a certificate and badge after each stage of the Pathway. These credentials are verified by Sertifier and can be listed on your LinkedIn profile. You will also be listed on this site and Agile Licensing Library.

      • Can I get a CSPO or PSPO certification as well?

        This will depend on your Guide. Some of our guides offer those certifications as well and if your work with them covers the learning objectives and criteria then you could potentially be awarded multiple credentials.


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