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Much more than Scrum Master courses

Become a Great Scrum Master

The Scrum Mastery Pathway™️ is a cohort-based support and development package over six months, designed to help Scrum Masters become great at their job through a combination of classroom, coaching and community .

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Our Scrum Master Courses

The Scrum Mastery Pathway™️ is a structured support system that guides students through the application of theory to their real world challenges over time.

A good Scrum Master takes a two-day certified class. A great Scrum Master takes the Scrum Mastery Pathway.


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What's included in your
Scrum Mastery Pathway™

Because a two day introductory course isn't enough, set your Scrum Masters up for long-tern success with this pathway to greatness.

Live 2-day Explorer Workshop

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Live Monthly Navigator Coaching Sessions

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Live 2-Day Adventurer Workshop

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Lifetime access to eCourse videos

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Access to Geoff's Agile Mastery Community

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Lifetime Access to Smartphone App

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FREE book

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Making Learning Stick

Making Learning Stick

The Scrum Mastery Pathway™️ is a combination of

  • Experiential Workshops Experiential Workshops
  • Group Coaching Group Coaching
  • Practical application Practical application
  • Personal reflection Personal reflection
  • Reading Reading
  • Video modules Video modules
  • Community support Community support
  • Smartphone app Smartphone app

Adapted from the NATIONAL Institute of applied behaviour science learning pyramid


Meaningful Certification and Development

  • "No powerpoint slides in sight. Geoff teaches through a subtle mix of anecdotally-explained theory and experience. He meets every individual where they are and is in it for the long-term, not just the days in the classroom."

    Ian Harrison

    Agile Centre of Expertise Lead

    Direct Line Group

  • "This was *real* learning not just a sheep-dip "what is Scrum?" course."

    Jonny P

    Creative Director

    Light In The Cloud

  • "It's about time! Finally a course that focuses on the long-term not just two days."


    Practice Manager

  • "Adding coaching and all the other elements to Geoff's amazing training is a winning combination"

    Dan F

    Head of Department


    Make learning stick with our unique pathway model

    Make learning stick with our unique pathway model

    A two-day course is never enough to achieve a deep level of understanding. This is why we’ve developed the Scrum Mastery Pathway:

    Access to Video Modules & Smartphone App

    Access to the Agile Mastery Community

    Two Day Explorer Workshop With Free Book

    Live Monthly Half-Day Navigator Modules

    Live Two-Day Adventurer Workshop


    Take the the first steps towards Agile Mastery