I'm a Certified Scrum Master - What Now?

Posted By - Deidré Luzmore


Tips on How to be a Great Certified Scrum Master

So, you’ve taken a Certified Scrum Master course, but you still have no idea how to perform well as a Scrum Master.

In this article, I’ll explain how you can fast-track your iterative development as a Scrum Master, one of the most essential but frequently quite tricky roles in an agile transformation.

As a matter of course, you should learn the Scrum framework and agile development principles, but the essential skills you’ll need are often referred to as people skills or interpersonal skills.

How can people skills help manage and lead teams through change?

People skills can help lead teams through change by providing support and encouragement, setting the tone for the team, and helping to keep the team focused on the goal.

By having solid people skills, agile leaders, including Scrum Masters, can create an environment conducive to change and that helps team members feel respected and valued.

In addition, people skills can help build trust within a team, which is essential for any team going through change.

What are the attributes of a great Scrum Master?

Leading change through respect means always considering the needs and feelings of others. It means becoming more emotionally intelligent to coach people and teams through change effectively. By becoming more emotionally aware, you can create a positive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. This, in turn, will make it easier for everyone to work together to achieve common goals.

When you lead with respect, you enable self-managing teams who are more engaged and who are proactive in their ways of working. You also create an environment where people feel inspired and motivated to achieve their best.

And, by building on your emotional intelligence, you’ll be better equipped to handle the challenges that come with leading change.

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Why is the Scrum Master an enabler of change?

A Scrum Master is a catalyst, to the point that you think you may have to become a nuisance, in a respectful way, in your fierce determination to drive a team and organisation to alter their behaviours. If you want to know how to achieve respect despite having no authority, this Scrum Mastery Pathway is for you.

This programme imparts the attributes, patterns and skills that you need, not just to be a good Scrum Master, but to be a great game-changing Scrum Master. With this new Scrum Mastery Pathway, you will have what it takes to lead your team through change and help them achieve their goals.

As a licensed Scrum Mastery Pathway Trainer, I will take you on a 3-part journey: Explorer, Navigator and Adventurer based on the RE-TRAINED model developed by Geoff Watts, agile author of the book Scrum Mastery.

You will attend a 2-day Explorer course, followed by 5 Navigator group coaching sessions, and finally another 2-day Adventurer course. By adopting the approach offered in this course, you can go from being a good Scrum Master to an outstanding one.

If you want to develop your long-term growth towards becoming a great Scrum Master, please DM me, Deidré Luzmore, for info and availability for our next Scrum Mastery Pathway course.


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