What is Scrum?

What is an Agile Team?

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What is Scrum?

Build projects around motivated individuals.

Give them the support and environment they need and trust them to get the job done.

Great agile teams are essential in environments where requirements are unpredictable and change is both frequent and fast. Agile is built upon the premise that, in those situations, the best placed people to work out what to do are those tackling the problems and implementing the solutions – the agile team.

This team will not be fed requirements but rather allowed to iteratively solve problems through creativity, collaboration and feedback.

What is a Scrum team?

  • Scrum Teams are cross-functional, meaning the members have all the skills necessary to create value each Sprint. They are also self-managing, meaning they internally decide who does what, when, and how.

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    Agile Team Maturity

    All great teams define their own destiny

    Every team is unique and will first of all determine their own identity and definition of greatness. They will work through how they will all contribute to the team’s goals and growth then decide how to become the best team they can be. They will set their own bar and constantly work towards it, achieving milestones of greatness along the way.

    Become a great Agile Team

    The great agile teams I have seen develop themselves into a SQUAD:

    • Self-Improvement: They are relentless about getting better at what they do and how they do itr
    • Quality: They take pride in their work
    • Unity: They are stronger together than they all are individually
    • Audacity: They take the autonomy offered to them and bravely manage themselves
    • Delivery: Getting valuable, tangible work done is their ultimate goal
    • The Team Mastery Pathway helps your team identify their own definition of greatness to which they aspire and gives them the tools to chart their own path towards it, inspecting and adapting along the way.

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      Let's Turn Your Teams Into Great SQUADs

      Frequently asked questions

      • How many people are in a cohort?

        This varies with each cohort but somewhere between 3 and 15 people will be in each cohort.

      • Do all the Guides offer the same material?

        The Explorer and Adventurer modules from all Guides are all based on the same curriculum. The content of the Navigator sessions will be different based on what that particular cohort wants to focus on.

      • Do I need to attend all of the modules?

        There will be some degree of flexibility because as we know it is impossible to predict your availability six months into the future. You will need to attend all of the days of the Explorer module to gain that accreditation and the same applies for the Adventurer module. You will need to attend at least 12 hours of Navigator modules and these can potentially be from other cohorts than your own. For an optimum experience you will attend as many sessions as possible with your specific cohort. Contact your Guide for specific details of their approach.

      • Do students receive validated credentials?

        Yes. Students will receive a certificate and badge after each stage of the Pathway. These credentials are verified by Sertifier and can be listed on your LinkedIn profile. You will also be listed on this site and Agile Licensing Library.

      • Is Agile Mastery Institute affiliated with any other official bodies?

        Yes. We are affiliated with Agile Licensing Library and so Licensed Guides and students will also be recognised by ALL. In addition to this, each Licensed Guide will be affiliated with other professional bodies based on their areas of specialism so check them out.


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