Martin Lambert

Scrum Mastery Pathway Guide, Kendal, UK

"I know the importance of still doing the job myself. I can't teach it with integrity, if I'm not living it."


Who is Martin Lambert?

Martin is a Scrum Master mentor who has been involved with Scrum since 2010 and has worked closely with over 50 teams as Scrum Master or Agile Coach in the Digital domain.

Martin loves  spinning up a new team and guiding them in their use of Scrum, Kanban and general agile thinking.  He also takes on the role of agile coach – where he focuses on helping the organisation’s leaders make the changes needed to free their peoples’ potential.  

Martin chose to use the Scrum Mastery Pathway as a vehicle for his Scrum Master mentoring because of his belief in the importance of helping Scrum Masters reach their potential, enjoy their job, and be the change agent the role originally envisaged.  

“I know the importance of real-world experience,” he says.  “This is why you will still see me working hands on in a team. You’ve never seen it all, and those essential attributes of being respected, empowering and adaptable need to be continuously worked. I can’t teach it with integrity, if I’m not living it. “

This recency of practice means Martin has a genuine appreciation of the scenarios faced by the Scrum Masters he mentors, and the Navigator sessions in particular are well grounded in real world experience.

You can find Martin, along with his instinctive pragmatism, straight talk, honest answers and frank reflections, in South Lakeland, Cumbria. 

Join him on the Scrum Mastery Pathway in the North of England, or from anywhere remotely.



  • Martin is a man of integrity and determination who applies a pragmatic approach. What would be the right course of action in this particular situation? (as opposed to following a rule book). As a relatively newly qualified Scrum Master, I was able to benefit enormously from Martin's example of how to adapt and deliver Scrum in an environment where not all stakeholders were advocates of the agile framework.

    Rob Cole

    Project and Programme change specialist