James Farley

Scrum Mastery & Product Mastery Pathway Guide, Gloucestershire, UK

'Mastery' is a relentless pursuit that drives me and my service to teams.


Who is James Farley?

As an Agile Consultant, I serve teams and organisations as Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Agile Coach (albeit that I will forevermore avoid holding SM and PO acountabilities for the same team).

I am also a licensed ProKanban trainer, as well as being a guide for AMI’s Scrum and Product Mastery Pathways, and will always be on a relentlessly journey to continuously improve myself.  (I even have a Kanban board, complete with WIP limits, to manage focus my personal development.) Currently, my CPD focus is on deepening coaching skills (progressing through ICAgile’s Expert Agile Coach learning track & practicing more with Clean Language), and also experimenting with Flight Levels in organisations.

With plenty of ‘ups’ (eg. rare life experiences in an elite military team) and ‘downs’ (eg, legal battles with a customer, essentially due to business change shortfall), my career path has shaped me into someone who is deeply committed to assisting others in their professional journeys.