Andy Spence

Scrum Mastery Pathway Guide, UK

“Helping teams learn how to deliver value through sustainable and trust-driven approaches”


Andy is a Coach and Trainer who has focused his career on growing people and helping organizations deliver value through sustainable and trust-driven approaches.


His passion for Scrum has helped to bring years of practical experience to help people and organizations employ empiricism for improved decision making.

Andy is an active coach working continuously with client’s day to day bringing real-time and real-world experiences to each class, helping students understand practical tips and techniques for benefiting from the application of the Scrum Framework. His training classes have been described as interactive, collaborative, thought-provoking, and fun. Andy has significant experience not only in Software Delivery but non-IT domains including Audit; Legal, Marketing & HR.


  • "Andy provided a fascinating, engaging, thought provoking analysis of the way our team works together through some very cool techniques (that I won't spoil). I believe everyone involved was won over to more efficient, more healthy agile methodologies for our team."

    Mayur Bapodra

    Carbon Intelligence

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