Leading Your People On Your Journey to Agility

Renowned agile leadership coach Geoff Watts will share what you can expect when leading an organisational cultural change to greater agility and how you can lead your people through the change.

89 Bite-sized video lessons with worksheets
and interactive quizzes
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Learn from my 20 years worth of experience

In this “Lessons for Agile Leaders” course, I’ve gathered together all of the common challenges and pitfalls you can expect to encounter when leading your people on the journey and I will share with you practical tips and practices you can apply to avoid the pain and get ahead of the curve when creating a more agile, resilient organisation.

This course will help you effectively empower your people, overcome resistance, adopt an approach that balances autonomy and consistency, agility and strategy and most importantly, become a more effective leader of your organisation in this new fast-changing, increasingly-complex and uncertain world of work.

Don't be another failure story

  • 89 bite-sized video lessons
  • Effectively empower your people
  • Overcome resistance to change
  • Develop a balance of autonomy and consistency
  • Manage yourself in a volatile, complex and uncertain business world

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  • I like the content. There isn’t much out there for someone about to embark on agile leadership for the first time so it brings something new and the video are much easier to digest than a book

    Katie Lomas

    Managing Director

    Green Flag