Tony Stott

Scrum Mastery Pathway Guide, Derbyshire, UK

Scrum, is to experience moving forwards in my opinion, even if the experiment isn’t successful, the learning provides a forward momentum which can only give you more knowledge than you started with


To experience is to learn

Coaching has been part of Tony’s practice since the late 1990’s.

As a qualified UEFA B Football Coach, Life Coach and Certified Agile Coach, having a different set of skills in his toolbox allows for relevant experience to be shared during his sessions.

As a Project Manager, stumbling across Scrum changed the way Tony wanted to work and this built an enthusiasm for working with teams to experiment and improve their expected outcomes.

Currently working as an Agile Coach for a services company, with a background in Utilities, Finance, Aerospace and Government, Tony can bring a wealth of real-life stories to the room to assist in the practical aspects of the course.

I love to learn and teach by experiential or visual practice, as it allows me feel like I have gained experience during the session.

He is also an advocate for training content that supports dyslexic learners and advising on how to enable teaching for visual and kinaesthetic learners.


  • "Tony developed the team into a mature, constantly delivering agile team and built a trusting relationship with each team member, enabling them to grow into their role, adapt to the change that agile bought and become trusted to voice their opinions in a safe environment within the team."

    Jason Wheatley

    Program Director