Jeff Davis

Scrum Mastery & Product Mastery Pathway Guide, Nashville, USA

Enabling joyful changes through discovery, discernment, and disciplines


Who is Jeff Davis?

As a guide, advisor, and friend, Jeff helps others navigate the ever-changing landscapes of complexity, much like a compass and map. Jeff challenges others to envision more valuable, attainable, desired outcomes. He motivates others to cultivate greater levels of disciple in their journey towards mastery.

Presently, Jeff is only supporting Pathway Cohorts currently in progress as he’s primarily focused on his role as a Delivery Lead and Consultant for Xebia|Xpirit. Jeff aims to find “spare time” to help other US-based colleagues become Agile Mastery Pathway Guides to encourage more growth and new offerings across North America.  He’s also working through a backlog of side-projects to curate helpful information and occasionally blog about the many dimensions of how human beings experience and embrace change at his website: 3D-Change

By facilitating workshops and other group decision-making events, Jeff inspires the levels of trust, respect, alternative thinking, resourcefulness, aspiration, tactful disruption, and wide-reaching coherence required to foster high-performing teams who consistently deliver measurable value.


Jeff's Testimonials

  • If "workplace joy" was in the dictionary, I'd find Jeff's picture there. He is committed to creating joy in the workplace, and knows how to use the Agile mindset to get there. He is such a pleasure to work with, and he has the domain expertise as well as the passion to be an amazing partner.

    Sarah Baca

    People-Focused Leader and Coach


  • Jeff Davis has created an amazing culture of growth, learning, and encouragement for me and my fellow Scrum Masters. His servant leadership approach to Agility has brought so much value to our teams and eviCore as a whole.

    Jeff Borders

    Scrum Master