Jeff Davis

Scrum Mastery & Product Mastery Pathway Guide, Nashville, USA

Enabling joyful changes through discovery, discernment, and disciplines


Who is Jeff Davis?

As a guide and advisor, Jeff serves leaders and teams trying to navigate the ever-changing landscapes of complexity around them. Much like a compass and map, Jeff helps people become better oriented to their specific context in order to envision more valuable, attainable, desired outcomes. As a co-creator in the journey, Jeff motivates others to cultivate greater levels of disciple in their journey towards mastery as they shape a stronger sense of self, increase personal creativity, and engage in community.

As an experienced Agile Coach and ScrumMaster guided by a versatile background including over 25 years in hardware, software, development, infrastructure, leadership, and more, Jeff enables other change agents through mental models such as: servant-leadership, systems thinking, ORGANIC agility, a product-over-project mindset, Better Value: Sooner, Safer, and Happier, storytelling, and more. He champions positive regard and blameless leadership within complex adaptive systems where experimentation and levels of self-awareness help us unlock innovative ways to deal with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. We can become not just resilient, but anti-fragile (a better version of what we were before we experienced failure).

Besides his role within an Agile Center of Excellence team for a leading healthcare enterprise, Jeff is also Chief Product Owner and the featured coach & consultant at 3D-Change

By facilitating workshops and other group decision-making events, Jeff inspires the levels of trust, respect, alternative thinking, resourcefulness, aspiration, tactful disruption, and wide-reaching coherence required to foster high-performing teams who consistently deliver measurable value.

Because there’s a rhythm to work and life, Jeff’s background as a musician also influences his approach. He views his role to be like a conductor or producer in the ways they help create satisfying musical experiences. By actively listening to the interactions of leaders and teams we can explore any unwanted dissonance, and then skillfully improvise our way into better ways of working (like adjusting musical notes, harmonies, dynamics, or tempo). Creating better outcomes for our customers through high-quality software, products, and services is made possible as we first compose agile-minded leaders who resonate a high-trust ecosystem which will amplify the skilled efforts of its self-managing teams.

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Scrum Mastery Pathway Cohort - USA

Mon, May 15 to Tue, May 16, All Day

Jeff Davis

USA - Virtual

  • Screen-Shot-2023-02-07-at-4.18.35-PM.png?w=1024&h=850&scale

    Scrum Mastery Pathway Cohort - USA

    Mon, May 15 to Tue, May 16, All Day

    Jeff Davis

    USA - Virtual

Jeff's Testimonials

  • If "workplace joy" was in the dictionary, I'd find Jeff's picture there. He is committed to creating joy in the workplace, and knows how to use the Agile mindset to get there. He is such a pleasure to work with, and he has the domain expertise as well as the passion to be an amazing partner.

    Sarah Baca

    People-Focused Leader and Coach


  • Jeff Davis has created an amazing culture of growth, learning, and encouragement for me and my fellow Scrum Masters. His servant leadership approach to Agility has brought so much value to our teams and eviCore as a whole.

    Jeff Borders

    Scrum Master