Jamie Kriegel

Scrum Mastery Pathway Guide, Iowa, USA

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Empowering aspiring Scrum Masters with dynamic and innovative Agile leadership.

Impactful Learning
Jamie Kriegel stands out as an Agile advocate and mentor, with a focus on interactive, metaphor-driven learning. Her approach actively involves learners, transforming their educational journey into an engaging and memorable experience. This method significantly enhances the retention and application of Agile principles, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

As a servant-leader, Jamie Kriegel excels in creating a culture of open communication and empathy. Her leadership fosters collaboration, encourages idea sharing, and supports team members’ growth. This approach not only resolves conflicts but also strengthens team dynamics and individual development.

Scrum Mastery
In the field of Scrum Mastery, Jamie is renowned for her ability to simplify and effectively communicate complex Scrum concepts. Her teaching goes beyond technical skills, instilling core Scrum values in her learners and preparing them to effectively address real-world challenges.

Scrum Mastery Pathway
Jamie Kriegel’s Scrum Mastery Pathway is a comprehensive program that balances theoretical knowledge with practical application. This pathway not only equips learners with the necessary skills to excel as Scrum Masters but also instills confidence and proficiency in navigating complex project environments.

Jamie's testimonials

  • This is great training and I’m happy I signed up. I’m really impressed with what you’ve done here. What a good cohort this is! This training was the real deal and Jamie is a rock star!

    Joe Montalbano

    Agile Coach

  • Jamie is a true inspiration. I've come to admire her as a self-made dynamo, passionate and someone who always seeks improvement and new ideas. She is diligent and determined, making her a great leader who inspires others to excel

    Anuradha Aravindh Raj

    Scrum Master

  • I feel honored to have the opportunity to take part in such an incredible Scrum Mastery journey. I highly recommend this to everyone.

    LaRondie Yarbrough

    Scrum Master

  • Thanks to Jamie Kriegel for conducting a collaborative and thought provoking explorer session through engaging activities where we were able to share their real life experiences fearlessly.

    Suruchi Patki

    Scrum Master