Ceri Newton Sargunar

Scrum Mastery Pathway Guide, Bristol, UK

I help agile professionals focus more on people and the words between them. Individuals and Interactions FTW!


An Interactions Archaeologist

Ceri Newton-Sargunar is an agile behavioural coach and “interactions archaeologist” based in Bristol, UK. With a background in linguistics and law and a focus on team dynamics, she helps teams dig down and see what’s underneath, to better understand how we think and respond to others.

I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this fantastic new direction for developing Scrum Masters with Geoff Watts, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to going well beyond the initial 2-day tick-box, and fully into the realms of the interactive skills you need as a SM who cares deeply about their impact, and that of your team

Ceri's Testimonials

  • I couldn’t speak more highly of Ceri and the fantastic training she delivered for us at OVO. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable and I don’t say that lightly. She really is a bucket of knowledge so without a doubt I learn something new, interesting and most importantly useful in every interaction with Ceri, so I wasn’t surprised with the amount of useful insights and helpful adoptable tips she shared through her training.

    Georgina Hopkinson

    Agile Lead

    OVO Energy

  • Ceri's ability to deliver messages, learning, and engage an audience is truly inspiring. She is one of the most interesting thought provokers I have had the pleasure of engaging with. She is an outstanding coach who takes a people-centered approach to transformation, products, and organisations. I could never recommend Ceri highly enough.

    Kylie Yearsley

    Agile Consultant