Anshul is an expert in establishing an empathic approach to achieving business agility.

Anshul is a curious learner and a lifelong student of empathic agility.  He is passionate about building happier and high-performing teams.

Anshul values growth, empathy, and respect for people. He does this in a fun way by learning and teaching others the values of Focus, Commitment, Courage, Respect, and Openness. 

Scrum Mastery Product Mastery Team Mastery Singapore

  • I took the Scrum Mastery Pathway Explorer course taught by Anshul and it was very good. I learned a lot and the hands-on exercises were fun. Anshul is an excellent instructor - explains things clearly, patiently. Great Socratic method, encouraging involvement for all participants and I feel well equipped for the test!

    Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury

  • Coach Anshul is very professional and knowledgeable, he makes the Scrum Mastery concepts easy to understand, and the course is very interesting. There are a lot of team activities which give us opportunities to discuss real life problems and also learn from each other. I like the pace of the course running, and the fresh ideas brought up from the course.

    Scrum Mastery Pathway Student

  • Anshul is patient to answer questions, and also shares his own experiences and thoughts to explain the problems that we are having now. It's useful and easier for us to understand. Thanks Anshu! You are the best!

    Scrum Mastery Pathway Student

  • Just completed the AMI Scrum Mastery Pathway - Explorer, I felt fully energized with proven tools & processes to become a better servant leader to transform my organization!

    Joseph Chu

  • The training was fantastic, it refreshed my understanding on agile practices, also validating some of the things we have been doing on a daily basis. Some of the new and exciting methods shared, can't wait to apply them in real life situations.

    Yan Choon Tan


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