Who is Mehmood Hasan?

Mehmood is an outcome focused organisational change leader with the proven ability to deliver successful Agile and Digital transformation initiatives. He is passionate about creating high performing teams and his people centric approach is focused on how to improve scrum team productivity while also improving productivity of the wider organisation.

Mehmood accomplishes this through nurturing leadership talent, specifically focusing on Scrum Masters and Product Owners. He facilitates Scrum Mastery Pathway workshops allowing participants to reflect on how to improve scrum team productivity in their context. Additionally, he offers Agile training for Product Managers and Product Owners.

Mehmood has expertise in training, coaching and mentoring product development and product management teams, and the wider organisation. He has over 20 years’ experience in a variety of leadership roles with a proven track record for implementing successful change initiatives in Bio-Tech, Financial Services and Information Services industries.

Mehmood combines his skills, expertise and passion for creating high performing teams to partner with individuals and teams on their journey of continuous learning and development. He would be delighted to welcome you on his Scrum Master course and Agile training for Product Managers and Product Owners.

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  • ”Overall it’s a great course. We even managed to see flaws in our own workflows and found ways to workaround them”

    Peter K

    Development Lead

  • “Mehmood's classes are well structured with a good mix of listening and doing”

    Lucas H

    Product Owner

  • “Mehmood's class was full of great practical aspects, and he answered questions at an expert level.”

    Florian B

    Agile Coach

  • “Mehmood is a great facilitator who always answers questions clearly”

    Alex S

    Agile Coach

  • “Mehmood is a great presenter, very positive and motivating”

    Chris M

    Scrum Master