Emma is a Product Management Trainer, Leader and Coach. She has over 13 years’ experience leading teams from strategy to build across a range of technology and digital products. Through her consultancy work she helps clients find ways of working that suit the context they operate in, turning struggling IT projects into successful technology products.

From her extensive professional experience, Emma brings a unique perspective into the classroom. Get in touch to find out how you can work together.

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Work with Emma

  • Emma and I have been working together recently to guide a cohort of product owners through some training from AMI. I’ve found Emma to be a keen listener who takes a genuine interest in the people she is working with and asks the deep questions to understand what’s really going on, before thinking how she can best help. I’ve found Emma to be able to bring a range of different concepts to life, and has used an extensive back catalogue of articles and examples to help coach the cohort. I’m looking forward to continuing our working relationship.

    Ben Truppin

    Value Stream Product Owner

    Principality Building Society

  • Working with Emma is always genuinely beneficial and a pleasure. Emma can break the steps that need to be taken to a digestible level with jargon always reduced to an absolute minimum. She is flexible when needed but is also prepared to hold firm to help us progress in the right way.

    George Rook

    Octopus Investments

    • Leigh is an ICF Accredited coach and a passionate trainer looking to help individuals and teams improve in their day to day practices. With experience as a Developer, an Engineering Manager, a ScrumMaster, a Trainer and a Coach, Leigh brings a very rounded view on how teams operate in an Agile environment.
      Leigh Griffin

      Who is Frankie?


      Frankie is an experienced agile practitioner who strongly believes in the importance of having a mentor to achieve the highest levels of Mastery.

      Agile concepts often look deceptively simple. It’s only when put in practice that they reveal their true complexity. That’s where the presence of a mentor can help spot mistakes and accelerate a deeper understanding.

      Frankie has experience of mentoring agile practitioners at all levels: from Scrum Masters in their first experience of supporting teams to coaching squads of a dozen professionals as the lead of an agile transformation for a department of 700+ people.

      He has recently started combining mentoring with coaching and training leveraging the Scrum Mastery and Product Mastery Pathways.

      In 2019 Frankie discovered the magic of Visual Thinking and since then he has made visualization a foundational aspect of his facilitation & coaching work. He believes that the use of visual techniques can help drive engagement and ensure alignment on topics that are often very abstract and so very prone to be misunderstood or overlooked.

      As a nice side effect his sessions are always imbued with fun.

      Frankie's Testimonials

      • "Francesco finds a way to see the best in everyone and motivates them to bring the best version of themselves to their professional and personal relationships."

        Kevin Glynn

        Chief Technology Officer

        Marsh McLennan

      • "Francesco is an awesome coach and mentor. He has helped me through my agile journey, inspired and encouraged me and helped me navigate challenges With ideas I wouldn’t have thought about. Full of ideas, tools and inspiration and amazing with visual story telling and empowering and encouraging people. A fantastic coach and a fantastic person. Would recommend Francesco as an awesome agile coach who really knows his stuff."

        Becca Francis

        Agile Coach