Scrum Masters of the Universe Unite!

I’m Jamie Kriegel, a dynamic Agile advocate, mentor, and strategic problem-solver. As someone who thrives on challenges and values lifelong learning, my passion is to spark a similar fire in the hearts of aspiring Scrum Masters.

Over the years, I’ve successfully steered substantial Scrum, Agile, and Lean product development initiatives, transforming concepts into dynamic projects that enhance performance, efficiency, and precision. My ability to build influential partnerships and implement transformative strategies has allowed me to align organizations with ever-evolving product development needs.

In my role as a servant-leader, I’ve honed a collaborative communication style that encourages transparency, inspection, and adaptation. It’s my goal to bridge gaps between teams and motivate them towards excellence, contributing to their personal growth and the sustained success of the organizations they serve.

As an educator, I bring Scrum concepts to life with creative metaphors, engaging my learners with dynamic and interactive environments. Using Liberating Structures, I ensure active participation and foster a deep understanding of even the most complex Scrum principles.

But what really sets me apart is my commitment to making learning fun. I believe in the power of play and engagement in education, which not only enhances individual performance but also boosts the overall productivity and success of the teams and organizations that my learners are a part of.

My mission? To empower the Scrum Masters of tomorrow. By equipping them with essential knowledge, skills, and tools, I help them unlock their full potential. Through my passionate advocacy for Scrum and Agile methodologies, I aim to foster a culture of continuous improvement in the industry. After all, the journey towards growth never truly ends — it just becomes more exciting

Jamie's Cohorts


Scrum Mastery Pathway™️ October - USA

Sat, Oct 7 to Sun, Oct 8, All Day

Jamie Kriegel


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    Scrum Mastery Pathway™️ October - USA

    Sat, Oct 7 to Sun, Oct 8, All Day

    Jamie Kriegel


Jamie's testimonials

  • Jamie came into this team to establish scrum processes and help to unite the scrum team with client goals and vision. Immediately, she had the full team onboard with her leadership and began implementing processes to ensure the success of the team. I can’t speak highly enough of her and her ability.

    Sydney Dingman

    Program Manager


    Amir Peled

    About Javier

    Javier Perez is an internationally accredited agile coach and trainer with more than 10 years experience building and working within agile environments.

    He has a proven track record helping diverse organisations adopt Agile Values and Principles. Within the lasts years he coached and supported more then 100 agile teams within numerous industries. Javiers strategic thinking and adaptive coaching style based on the group context in complex environments enable the organisations to significant improve their learning speed, influence cultural change and positive transformation.

    He has reached worldwide recognized accreditations and certifications in the fields of Agility and professional coaching including Certified Team Coach (CTC) by the Scrum Alliance and Ontological Business Coach by the International Federation of Professional Ontological Coaching. I am also trained as Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC) by CRR Global and as an ORGANIC agility professional.

    • Javier is a deep listener, very reflective and engages with great empathy. One of the most enjoyable aspects when working together with Javi, is that the system is in the foreground, his heightened awareness of the interconnections and the ability to apply these insights to the approach with leadership and teams.

      Michèle Twomey

      Public Health Researcher

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      Scrum Mastery Pathway™️ May DK 2023

      Thu, May 4 to Fri, May 5, All Day

      Javier Perez


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        Scrum Mastery Pathway™️ May DK 2023

        Thu, May 4 to Fri, May 5, All Day

        Javier Perez



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      About Russ

      Tell me, I will forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I will understand…

      This ancient Chinese proverb captures the essence of the Agile Mastery Institute. Only through experience, with a guide and mentor, do we truly reach the level of mastery. The agile mastery pathways provide the guidance necessary to truly become a great Scrum Master or Product Owner.

      As an experienced Agile Coach and Trainer, I love guiding organisations, leaders and teams to transform themselves to deliver high-quality products and services. I have around 30 years of experience working in various industries, covering internet services, online media, digital broadcasting, telecommunications, Agile training and coaching. I am a CEC and CTC with the and Accredited Kanban Trainer with the Kanban University.

      I operate out of Berlin, Germany, and partner with clients throughout Europe and sometimes further afield. I actively contribute to the Scrum and Lean/Kanban communities and participate in regular events and conferences across Europe.

      • “Strong intrinsic motivator and truly a game changer” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Russell. As an agile coach Russell earns my highest recommendation and would be an asset to any executive and organization.

        Jan Koschitzki

        IT Director

        Deutsche Bahn


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        About Niels

        Niels Verdonk is Partner and Agile Change Agent at Better Change and has a long standing track record in software development, development management and IT operations.

        Niels has coached many teams and organizations to deliver high quality software by embracing Lean and Agile approaches such as Scrum, Kanban and eXtreme Programming. His background includes experience in software development, development management, system architecture and IT operations. He is active in the Dutch Agile community and continuously evolves his approach to coaching, participating at meet-ups with other coaches around the world. He is a regular speaker at local and international conferences.

        Specialties: Scrum, Kanban, Lean & Agile Software Development, TDD, Software Architecture, eXtreme Programming, Continuous Integration, Build Automation, Automated testing, Software Quality.

        • Niels offers his clients a full package: On one hand, he has hands-on and long-term experience as a developer himself with global enterprise clients and hence, practical understanding of developer teams, their needs and challenges. On the other hand, his experience as a manager allows him to clarify the importance of empathy in leadership. Niels is highly professional, result-driven, efficient and a great consultant who provides personalised advise to course participants questions and issues. If you're looking for a great coach, this one's for you.

          Marie G

          Customer Success Manager


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          From IT support, Programming through to UX Design, Kevin has dabbled in it all and somehow stumbled into the role of an agile coach. He loves being part of the community and enabling people to be the best they can be.

          Chris Stone is the Managing Partner of Virtually Agile and otherwise known as The Virtual Agile Coach, a speaker, podcaster, blogger and Enterprise Agile Coach. He is passionate about continuous improvement, retrospectives, making time for fun in the workplace and being human centric. For over a decade he’s been fostering an environment for success of high-performing teams and organizations through the use of the agility, working across a wide range of industries and with some of the largest organizations in the world, as well as with smaller, more lean enterprises.

          As The Virtual Agile coach, he intends to enable frictionless innovation, regardless of location. He’s therefore a firm believer in enabling agility whilst working virtually.

          Contact Chris

          • Chris is an excellent agile trainer and an empathetic and extremely effective coach. Most importantly, he created a safe environment for us to speak up by being a person ‘safe’ to talk to – even frankly with fears and concerns.

            Ginta Lescinskaite

            Senior Product Manager

            Rank Interactive

            To experience is to learn

            Coaching has been part of Tony’s practice since the late 1990’s.

            As a qualified UEFA B Football Coach, Life Coach and Certified Agile Coach, having a different set of skills in his toolbox allows for relevant experience to be shared during his sessions.

            As a Project Manager, stumbling across Scrum changed the way Tony wanted to work and this built an enthusiasm for working with teams to experiment and improve their expected outcomes.

            Currently working as an Agile Coach for a services company, with a background in Utilities, Finance, Aerospace and Government, Tony can bring a wealth of real-life stories to the room to assist in the practical aspects of the course.

            I love to learn and teach by experiential or visual practice, as it allows me feel like I have gained experience during the session.

            He is also an advocate for training content that supports dyslexic learners and advising on how to enable teaching for visual and kinaesthetic learners.


            • "Tony developed the team into a mature, constantly delivering agile team and built a trusting relationship with each team member, enabling them to grow into their role, adapt to the change that agile bought and become trusted to voice their opinions in a safe environment within the team."

              Jason Wheatley

              Program Director


              • Leigh is an ICF Accredited coach and a passionate trainer looking to help individuals and teams improve in their day to day practices. With experience as a Developer, an Engineering Manager, a ScrumMaster, a Trainer and a Coach, Leigh brings a very rounded view on how teams operate in an Agile environment.
                Leigh Griffin

                Geoff is the founder of Agile Mastery Institute and author of the Agile Mastery Series

                I’m Geoff Watts and I’m the UK’s leading agile leadership coach.

                I help people go from good to great through a combination of teaching, coaching and mentoring. I support the growth of ORGANIC Leadership and a self-managing and resilient culture within an organisation. I work with individuals and teams to identify, bring into balance and then build up their unique skills and characteristics to become more effective, self-aware and effective.

                See my courses below or contact me to arrange an in-house cohort


                Product Mastery Pathway™️ with Geoff Watts

                Thu, Sep 21 to Fri, Sep 22, All Day

                Geoff Watts

                £2,500 - £2,995

                London, UK

                • Geoff-PMP

                  Product Mastery Pathway™️ with Geoff Watts

                  Thu, Sep 21 to Fri, Sep 22, All Day

                  Geoff Watts

                  £2,500 - £2,995

                  London, UK

                Geoff's Testimonials

                • "No powerpoint slides in sight. Geoff teaches through a subtle mix of anecdotally-explained theory and experience. He meets every individual where they are and is in it for the long-term, not just the days in the classroom."

                  Ian Harrison

                  Agile Centre of Expertise Lead

                  Direct Line Group

                • "I wanted my team to benefit from Geoff's experience and he created an amazing training that met our needs and addressed our daily frustrations as the Product team. It benefited everyone from day one, he focused on both hard and soft skills. His 1-2-1 coaching sessions helped me massively in what I've achieved professionally in the last couple of years. He's open to challenging your thinking and also taking the steps with you, you always feel his support. I would highly recommend Geoff's courses and coaching sessions to anyone that wants to take their career to the next level."

                  Esin Over

                  Lead Product Manager

                  Octopus Investments

                • I have had the pleasure of working with Geoff and seldom have I met so much ability in one man.

                  Kim Leskovsky


                  Iterate AS

                • “Geoff's training was spot-on. His interactions with the Board were respectful and challenging, and he covered lots of ground whilst adapting to the emerging conversations and context, delivering a highly personalised and engaging day with its fair share of Eureka moments.”

                  Claire Tunstall

                  Agile Coach

                  Cambridge University Press


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