About Javier

Javier Perez is an internationally accredited agile coach and trainer with more than 10 years experience building and working within agile environments.

He has a proven track record helping diverse organisations adopt Agile Values and Principles. Within the lasts years he coached and supported more then 100 agile teams within numerous industries. Javiers strategic thinking and adaptive coaching style based on the group context in complex environments enable the organisations to significant improve their learning speed, influence cultural change and positive transformation.

He has reached worldwide recognized accreditations and certifications in the fields of Agility and professional coaching including Certified Team Coach (CTC) by the Scrum Alliance and Ontological Business Coach by the International Federation of Professional Ontological Coaching. I am also trained as Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC) by CRR Global and as an ORGANIC agility professional.

  • Javier is a deep listener, very reflective and engages with great empathy. One of the most enjoyable aspects when working together with Javi, is that the system is in the foreground, his heightened awareness of the interconnections and the ability to apply these insights to the approach with leadership and teams.

    Michèle Twomey

    Public Health Researcher

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    About Russ

    Tell me, I will forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I will understand…

    This ancient Chinese proverb captures the essence of the Agile Mastery Institute. Only through experience, with a guide and mentor, do we truly reach the level of mastery. The agile mastery pathways provide the guidance necessary to truly become a great Scrum Master or Product Owner.

    As an experienced Agile Coach and Trainer, I love guiding organisations, leaders and teams to transform themselves to deliver high-quality products and services. I have around 30 years of experience working in various industries, covering internet services, online media, digital broadcasting, telecommunications, Agile training and coaching. I am a CEC and CTC with the ScrumAlliance.org and Accredited Kanban Trainer with the Kanban University.

    I operate out of Berlin, Germany, and partner with clients throughout Europe and sometimes further afield. I actively contribute to the Scrum and Lean/Kanban communities and participate in regular events and conferences across Europe.

    • “Strong intrinsic motivator and truly a game changer” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Russell. As an agile coach Russell earns my highest recommendation and would be an asset to any executive and organization.

      Jan Koschitzki

      IT Director

      Deutsche Bahn


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      About Niels

      Niels Verdonk is Partner and Agile Change Agent at Better Change and has a long standing track record in software development, development management and IT operations.

      Niels has coached many teams and organizations to deliver high quality software by embracing Lean and Agile approaches such as Scrum, Kanban and eXtreme Programming. His background includes experience in software development, development management, system architecture and IT operations. He is active in the Dutch Agile community and continuously evolves his approach to coaching, participating at meet-ups with other coaches around the world. He is a regular speaker at local and international conferences.

      Specialties: Scrum, Kanban, Lean & Agile Software Development, TDD, Software Architecture, eXtreme Programming, Continuous Integration, Build Automation, Automated testing, Software Quality.

      • Niels offers his clients a full package: On one hand, he has hands-on and long-term experience as a developer himself with global enterprise clients and hence, practical understanding of developer teams, their needs and challenges. On the other hand, his experience as a manager allows him to clarify the importance of empathy in leadership. Niels is highly professional, result-driven, efficient and a great consultant who provides personalised advise to course participants questions and issues. If you're looking for a great coach, this one's for you.

        Marie G

        Customer Success Manager


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        Geoff is the founder of Agile Mastery Institute and author of the Agile Mastery Series

        I’m Geoff Watts and I’m the UK’s leading agile leadership coach.

        I help people go from good to great through a combination of teaching, coaching and mentoring. I support the growth of ORGANIC Leadership and a self-managing and resilient culture within an organisation. I work with individuals and teams to identify, bring into balance and then build up their unique skills and characteristics to become more effective, self-aware and effective.

        Geoff's Testimonials

        • "No powerpoint slides in sight. Geoff teaches through a subtle mix of anecdotally-explained theory and experience. He meets every individual where they are and is in it for the long-term, not just the days in the classroom."

          Ian Harrison

          Agile Centre of Expertise Lead

          Direct Line Group

        • "I wanted my team to benefit from Geoff's experience and he created an amazing training that met our needs and addressed our daily frustrations as the Product team. It benefited everyone from day one, he focused on both hard and soft skills. His 1-2-1 coaching sessions helped me massively in what I've achieved professionally in the last couple of years. He's open to challenging your thinking and also taking the steps with you, you always feel his support. I would highly recommend Geoff's courses and coaching sessions to anyone that wants to take their career to the next level."

          Esin Over

          Lead Product Manager

          Octopus Investments

        • I have had the pleasure of working with Geoff and seldom have I met so much ability in one man.

          Kim Leskovsky


          Iterate AS

        • “Geoff's training was spot-on. His interactions with the Board were respectful and challenging, and he covered lots of ground whilst adapting to the emerging conversations and context, delivering a highly personalised and engaging day with its fair share of Eureka moments.”

          Claire Tunstall

          Agile Coach

          Cambridge University Press


          Take the the first steps towards Agile Mastery

          Robin looks to put the ‘fun’ into addressing and removing ‘dys-fun-ctions’ through the use of creative tools, techniques and analogies. He is now taking this a step further by delivering Scrum Master training with LEGO as a medium for learning, helping to create the building blocks of skills and knowledge in those that attend his courses.

          Robin began his Agile journey as a Product Owner in 2011 with zero knowledge of Agile or Scrum. This role proved to be pivotal in his career, setting him off in a new direction. After experiencing a new approach to getting work ‘done’, he did not look back embracing a new way of working. Now he wants to help and guide you on your journey.

          Robin is an experienced Agile Coach and Scrum Master. He has worked with a variety of organisations across multiple sectors helping them to visualise current processes and practices, identify areas for continuous improvement and deliver agile training, which has led to him delivering Scrum Master training with LEGO.

          Robin is passionate about supporting individuals, teams and organisations on their Agile journey and is now supporting the growth of Scrum Masters through the Scrum Mastery Pathway. But that’s not the only Agile training that Robin offers, he also supports the development of Product Owners through the Product Mastery Pathway.

          Robin is the CEO of Enigma Consulting and Solutions


          • The Explorer workshop was an engaging training course, with open discussions, exercises and self-reflection time. I have come away wanting to adapt and incorporate some of these into my ways of working with my Scrum Team. It was much better than typical classroom training.

            Sara P

          • The opportunity to engage in ten further fortnightly follow-up sessions with our cohort provided a valuable forum to discuss the real-life experiences and challenges of fulfilling the Scum Master role, far beyond what can be covered in a few days of intensive training. I welcomed the advice and guidance of our facilitator and guide Robin, and the willingness of the group to dig-into their Sprint-to-Sprint experiences.

            Stuart S

          • "Robin is an empathetic trainer with tonnes of experience and knowledge. Through his creative, enthusiastic, and down to earth approach, Robin has helped me to better understand complex problems, and enabled me to succeed in my role as a Scrum Master”

            Lukasz M

            Agile Coach

          • "Robin is an excellent trainer and coach. His knowledge and expertise is un-matched but what sets him apart is the respect and compassion with which he works with others. It feels great to work with someone who can empathise with us and empower us with knowledge that helps us excel in our role as SM. Plus, there's never a session with Robin where you wouldn't learn something new and fun!"

            Pragya N

            Agile Lead

            Who is Jeff Davis?

            As a guide, advisor, and friend, Jeff helps others navigate the ever-changing landscapes of complexity, much like a compass and map. Jeff challenges others to envision more valuable, attainable, desired outcomes. He motivates others to cultivate greater levels of disciple in their journey towards mastery.

            Presently, Jeff is only supporting Pathway Cohorts currently in progress as he’s primarily focused on his role as a Delivery Lead and Consultant for Xebia|Xpirit. Jeff aims to find “spare time” to help other US-based colleagues become Agile Mastery Pathway Guides to encourage more growth and new offerings across North America.  He’s also working through a backlog of side-projects to curate helpful information and occasionally blog about the many dimensions of how human beings experience and embrace change at his website: 3D-Change

            By facilitating workshops and other group decision-making events, Jeff inspires the levels of trust, respect, alternative thinking, resourcefulness, aspiration, tactful disruption, and wide-reaching coherence required to foster high-performing teams who consistently deliver measurable value.


            Jeff's Testimonials

            • If "workplace joy" was in the dictionary, I'd find Jeff's picture there. He is committed to creating joy in the workplace, and knows how to use the Agile mindset to get there. He is such a pleasure to work with, and he has the domain expertise as well as the passion to be an amazing partner.

              Sarah Baca

              People-Focused Leader and Coach


            • Jeff Davis has created an amazing culture of growth, learning, and encouragement for me and my fellow Scrum Masters. His servant leadership approach to Agility has brought so much value to our teams and eviCore as a whole.

              Jeff Borders

              Scrum Master


              Who is James Farley?

              As an Agile Consultant, I serve teams and organisations as Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Agile Coach (albeit that I will forevermore avoid holding SM and PO acountabilities for the same team).

              I am also a licensed ProKanban trainer, as well as being a guide for AMI’s Scrum and Product Mastery Pathways, and will always be on a relentlessly journey to continuously improve myself.  (I even have a Kanban board, complete with WIP limits, to manage focus my personal development.) Currently, my CPD focus is on deepening coaching skills (progressing through ICAgile’s Expert Agile Coach learning track & practicing more with Clean Language), and also experimenting with Flight Levels in organisations.

              With plenty of ‘ups’ (eg. rare life experiences in an elite military team) and ‘downs’ (eg, legal battles with a customer, essentially due to business change shortfall), my career path has shaped me into someone who is deeply committed to assisting others in their professional journeys.

              Who is Mehmood Hasan?

              Mehmood is an outcome focused organisational change leader with the proven ability to deliver successful Agile and Digital transformation initiatives. He is passionate about creating high performing teams and his people centric approach is focused on how to improve scrum team productivity while also improving productivity of the wider organisation.

              Mehmood accomplishes this through nurturing leadership talent, specifically focusing on Scrum Masters and Product Owners. He facilitates Scrum Mastery Pathway workshops allowing participants to reflect on how to improve scrum team productivity in their context. Additionally, he offers Agile training for Product Managers and Product Owners.

              Mehmood has expertise in training, coaching and mentoring product development and product management teams, and the wider organisation. He has over 20 years’ experience in a variety of leadership roles with a proven track record for implementing successful change initiatives in Bio-Tech, Financial Services and Information Services industries.

              Mehmood combines his skills, expertise and passion for creating high performing teams to partner with individuals and teams on their journey of continuous learning and development. He would be delighted to welcome you on his Scrum Master course and Agile training for Product Managers and Product Owners.

              Check out my LinkedIn profile here


              • ”Overall it’s a great course. We even managed to see flaws in our own workflows and found ways to workaround them”

                Peter K

                Development Lead

              • “Mehmood's classes are well structured with a good mix of listening and doing”

                Lucas H

                Product Owner

              • “Mehmood's class was full of great practical aspects, and he answered questions at an expert level.”

                Florian B

                Agile Coach

              • “Mehmood is a great facilitator who always answers questions clearly”

                Alex S

                Agile Coach

              • “Mehmood is a great presenter, very positive and motivating”

                Chris M

                Scrum Master